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Recent Incidents

  • Upstream Data-center Issue Detected

    Resolved in 2 minutes
    Affected Service: Web Services / Hosting July 28, Wed

    At this time, an upstream provider in our main data center is having an outage. This should be resolved quickly, but websites may be offline temporarily. This is a rare outage. This does not affect app platforms, only websites.

    11:11, Jul 28 CDT

    This issue has been resolved and downtime was minimal.

    11:14, Jul 28 CDT
  • Server Upgrades

    Resolved in 3 hours
    Affected Service: Web Services / Hosting January 22, Fri

    Some server maintenance and upgrades will cause intermittent disruption on 1/22/20 at 10-11pm CST.

    19:30, Jan 22 CDT

    Server upgrades complete, downtime less than 3 minutes. Improvements and server upgrades for increased speed, processing, and deliverability.

    23:05, Jan 22 CDT
  • No incidents reported